Here at Arfab, all of our projects are custom designed and built to the exact standards and specifications that our customers require. We strive to provide our customers in Haldimand, Niagara and surrounding areas with a great service and exceptional end products.

Arfab Inc. has earned a strong reputation as a high quality industrial leader in the custom metal fabrication field. Our 20-plus years of experience in welding and fabrication demonstrate our ability to complete single projects, large scale and high volume projects.



112 Ramsey Dr, Dunnville, Ontario N1A, Canada


Many companies have depended on the custom fabrication of Arfab for over 20 years. We specialize in laser cutting, plasma cutting, bending, rolling, shearing, drilling, punching, and will provide a worry free full-service expertise unmatched by other metal fabrication companies.

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Arfab Inc

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112 Ramsey Drive, Dunnville ON

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